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The Higher Commercial Management School offers optional courses and subjects of the MBA program for those who want to upgrade their knowledge in any chosen field of management.

Within this form of instruction one can learn any discipline from the MBA program curriculum.

The student joins standard MBA groups only for studying separate chosen courses. Payment is made only depending on the amount of learning hours of chosen courses at the rate of 300 roubles per learning hour. So, for example, the cost of the course of 36 learning hours (9 classes, 4 l/h each) will amount to 10800 roubles.

The check-up of knowledge is exercised upon the completion of each course in the form of either an oral or written examination (test) or a business game ant test assignments.

Lectures, workshops, practical studies, role- and business games, consultations with specialists on the scientific literature available, tasks for homework are also provided for.

Upon the competition the following documents are issued (in conformity with the amount of learning hours):

  • less than 72 l/h - Certificate of the Higher Commercial Management School of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of RF
  • not less than 72 l/h - State certificate on upgrading the qualification
  • not less than 100 l/h - State attestation certificate on upgrading qualification
  • not less than 500 l/h - (specialized "Master of Arts" program within the framework of specializations, stipulated by the MBA program) - State Diploma on Professional Retraining, conferring the right on carrying out a new kind of professional activity. In case of successful examination in English (3rd - Intermediate level) recognized by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Diploma "Master of Arts" (Institut Européen de Management International, Paris).
  • not less than 1000 l/h (full MBA program) - State RF Diploma on further (additional to higher) education with the award of the qualification "Master of Business Administration". In case of successful examintion in English (3rd - Intermediate level) recognized by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Diploma "Master of Business Administration" (Institut Européen de Management International, Paris);

If requested, the students can study separate subjects on-line (via Internet).

If a student wishes to continue education on a higher level the transfer of learning hours covered and the recalculation of the cost is possible.

The starting time of classes - all year round during academic semesters.

Phone: +7(495) 458-9606, +7(495) 458-5754;
fax: +7(495) 735-4054

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