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MBA Day-Off Pragramme

The programme has been worked out for graduates from higher economic or managerial institutions as well as for the alumni of other specialties.

Duration of instruction is up to 1,5 year.

The part of disciplines studies by e-learning system.

The special purpose audience are managers and leading specialists of enterprises and companies of all forms of property, responsible for strategic management and business strategy development.

Time of classes. Classes are held on Saturdays (from 10 a.m. to 18.00 p.m. - business programmes) and on Wednesday (from 18.30 p.m. to 21.45 p.m. - business English).

Programme objectives - to provide an opportunity to the students with basic economic or managerial education as well as to the students with non-profile-higher education, having at least 2 years experience in practical activity - to upgrade their professional qualification in a shorter period, which is especially important under the present economic situation and which is necessary for the top and middle managers of enterprises and organizations of all business fields.

The Programme specificity is a big number of interactive forms and methods of instruction (practical tasks, case-studies, business games, group and individual projects, etc.)

The programme is in full accordance with the "state requirements of training highly qualified managers on MBA programmes" (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of RF № 40 of 08.02.2008) which has come into force since 01.03.2008.

Upon the graduation - A State Diploma on further (additional to higher) education is issued and the qualification "Master of Business Administration" (MBA) is conferred.

It is also possible to get an MBA Diploma at the European Institute of International Management (IEMI, Paris, France) on condition that a certified high level examination in Business English of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EDI - LCCI International Qualifications) has been successfully passed.

The cost of the MBA Day-Off Programme is R 360,000 (roubles) - English as a discipline is included.

To enter the programme it is necessary to submit the following documents to the Admission Commission:

  • a copy of the diploma on higher education (with the supplement). The original is shown at sight.
  • a copy of the work-book certified by the employer, testifying to the practical experience of at least two years experience.
  • 4 photographs 3x4 cm.
  • a student's personal data form.
  • an admission application.

The enrollment on the MBA Day-Off Programme is made on the basis of interviewing and entrance testing in economics and management.

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