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The Higher Commercial Management School offers a top-level business educational learning program, aimed at training managers and specialists, able to find solutions in the most completed situations of competition, high risks, non-stability and uncertainty of economy and feeling confident in different national, cultural and linguistic environments.

The curriculum includes theoretical and practical issues taking into consideration the advanced national and world experience in the field of management, finance, law, marketing as well as in other spheres of entrepreneurship.

The successful mastering of the program is ensured both highly qualified lectures and practical teachers and by applying the most effective modern methodologies based on traditional of international and national systems of education and business practice. This helps make the students work intensive both the classroom and at home which eventually results in learning well.

The MBA Program has been adjusted to the "Principles of the European MBA standard" as well as to state and international regulations and standards required for trainings highly qualified managers.

Within the frameworks of the MBA Program the following majors (specializations) are provided for:

  1. "General and Strategic Management"

  2. "International Business and Marketing"

  3. "Financial Management"

  4. "Human Resources Management"

  5. "Hospitality Industry"

  6. "Political Management and Business"

  7. "Management in Beauty and Health Industry"

Other majors indicated in the MBA Program are also available.

The program consists of the following series of disciplines:

- business environment and scientific foundations of business;
- core professional disciplines in the field of management;
- specializations (majors) where the optional disciplines account for not less than 30 percent;
- work on master research projects, professional traineeships and industrial practice.

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