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General description
Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC)
English for Business (EFB)
English for Tourism (EFT)
Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)
Russian for Industry and Commerce (FLIC-Russian)


Can teachers of English receive British qualifications in teaching Business English?

In an increasingly competitive job market it is vital to prove that you can bridge the skills gap between teaching general English and teaching business language and communication skills. The LCCI with over 100 years' experience in the field of business, provides such a qualification for teachers of English in training centers, colleges, courses and higher institutions who are interested in teaching business English in accordance with international standards (LCCI, Cambridge, BEC, ESOL, Bulats, Pitman etc.).

The program comprises three obligatory sections:
TBE professional skills (needs analysis, syllabus/course design etc.)
TBE methodologies (different approaches, classroom management, use of materials etc.)
Basic business concepts and practices (business terminology, letter writing techniques etc.)

In addition passive and active traineeships take place.

The School recommends a minimum of 72 hours to cover the syllabus which is designed to introduce teachers to the Business English profession and familiarize them with established best practice in terms of key specialist TBE area.

It is an "on demand" examination.

An irrevocable application is submitted six weeks before the date of examinations.

Examination and administrative fees are established by LCCI annual tariffs.

The cost of instruction is stipulated by the contract.

The HCMS offers short-term (1-3 days) workshops (consultations, master-classes) for practices in teaching Business English.

HCMS can also arrange presentations on the following topics:
1. Spoken English for Industry and Commerce
2. English for Business
3. English for Tourism
4. Business Correspondence
5. Teaching Business English for international exams

Classes and lectures are conducted in English by Russian and English experts and teachers in the field of methodology of teaching business English and business subjects.

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