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General description
Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC)
English for Business (EFB)
English for Tourism (EFT)
Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)
Russian for Industry and Commerce (FLIC-Russian)


This is a unique program of the kind which is intended for specialists engaged in the tourism and hospitality industry playing a key role in the economies of many countries and for students of educational institutions, training personnel for this industry where English is a backbone. It is also designed for those who are fond of travelling.

This a specific program, consisting of two components (oral and written). The oral part is a compatible level of Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC) called Spoken English for Tourism

The necessity of the written part is explained by the fact that to attract tourists you have to prepare millions of brochures, guide-books and catalogues.

The program is represented on two levels.

The first level is designed for the clerical staff (line and tour operators, employees of tourist agencies, hotels, restaurant, receptionists) and other groups who need to develop and demonstrate both oral and written communication skills on a basic customer interface level in order to communicate with English speaking colleagues in the industry and deal with international clients.

The group award (EFT) can be gained by passing EFT Speaking Test level, and EFT Written test level 1, composed on the analogy with "English for Business" (EFB) and based on tourism topics (writing letters, memos, filling in forms (at the hotel, at the airport), making schedules etc.).

The second level is designed for the administrative senior staff, top-managers, executive officers of tourist agencies, hotel managers, international tourist associations, who would like to work effectively on a professional management level, to communicate with English speaking colleagues and international clients to plan and develop international services in the hospitality industry. The group award can be gained by passing EFT Speaking Test level, and EFT Written test level 2

The written part of the examination consists of four compulsory questions which can vary in the order they appear and the complexity (depending on the level): reading comprehension of a tourism text with extracts of information taken from authentic guide-books, manuals, maps, plans; writing a letter, a memo, an e-mail, a mobile message, an explanatory note, a written instruction or a notice; writing promotional material for a leaflet or brochure, a tour commentary or a travel itinerary; filling in booking forms, reservation forms, making out abstracts of accounts etc.

The program has been worked out by the specialists from the British tourist agency, national tourist associations of Italy, France and Germany. The representatives of "American Express" and teachers of the tourist colleges of the UK also participated in this work.

The duration of the program is 200 learning hours. The cost of one learning hour in a group of six is 275 Roubles.

The cost of one learning hour for individual (one-to-one) classes is stipulated by the contract.

The cost of one learning hour for students of MBA program amounts to 220 Roubles.

Examinations and tests are paid for in accordance with LCCI annual level tariffs.

In addition an administrative fee for the group written test and certificate is charged.

Enquiries: tel. +7(495) 458-6002 - Foreign Languages Department
fax: +7(495) 735-4054

Irrevocable applications for oral tests are submitted a month in advance, while those for written on demand examinations six weeks in advance. The examinations follow rules and procedures established in conformity with LCCI regulations.

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