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General description
Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC)
English for Business (EFB)
English for Tourism (EFT)
Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE)
Russian for Industry and Commerce (FLIC-Russian)


This programme is aimed at teaching written business English communication skills, which make an essential part of businessmen's professional activities: business correspondence (letters, faxes, memos, notices and E-correspondence); inter-company document keeping; reading, interpreting and processing of related printed business matter (summarizing, reformulating etc.).

A full course consists of five levels, which provide for teaching the processing of information of all types - carrying on business correspondence, drawing up documents, reviewing business publications. Accordingly the examination requirements provide for the fulfilment of gradually complicated three-four tasks, presented in the form of authentic business situations or cases: writing a piece of commercial correspondence in reply (a letter, a fax, a memo etc) in accordance with the task described in a rubric; writing a memo or a notice for circulation in a company; drafting a report or an article on a concrete business or a general economic topic; answering questions from the authentic reading comprehension passage; producing summaries, agendas, reviews, transcripts of a conversation, notes etc. In addition to lexical and grammatical accuracy the students should observe rules, layouts and formats of business writing as well as its tone and style.

EFB on demand examinations take place during the academic year not earlier than six weeks before submitting an irrevocable application.

Written EFB examinations of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels are preceeded by oral Spoken English for Industry and Commerce (SEFIC) tests of the same level.

Why are the British business programs most popular with managers?

The success of the two above programs (SEFIC and EFB) has made it possible for the LCCI to take leading positions in the world as the first British supplier of business English qualifications. At the world presentation of English language programs in Shanghai (2000) it was stressed that "the LCCI certificates give the employees skills necessary for work. The EFB and SEFIC examinations are an integral part of training specialists" (G.M. Suares, Human Resources Manager, Argentina). "We give employment to the people with LCCI qualifications, because they are recognized by governments" (S. Vong, TEMENOS office manager, Singapore - Hong-Kong). The French company for servicing air passengers, carrying transportations in Europe prefers LCCI diplomas and certificates because they need document issued by a world recognized official body, possessing modern vision and flexibility.

What are the forms of instruction and how much does it cost?

Teaching is conducted through the existing forms of instruction at the HCMS including on-line training via Internet. The course is determined in compliance with the form of instruction and the individual level of proficiency. The duration of the course is from 50 to 300 learning hours.

The cost of one learning hour in a group of six - is 275 Roubles.

The cost of one learning hour for individual (one-to-one) classes is stipulated by the contract.

The cost of one learning hour for students of MBA program amounts to 220 Roubles.

Examinations are paid for in accordance with LCCI annual level tariffs.

In additional an administration fee for the group written examinations is charged.

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