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A foreign language is an integral part of professional business activities in the modern world. The HCMS conducts teaching of two foreign languages: English as a recognized world language leader in business communication and Russian as a foreign language opening the access of foreign citizens to broad economic, political and social-cultural contacts with new Russia under the conditions of globalization and integration.

What are the HCMS learning programs like and why do we choose them?
Teaching languages is carried on in accordance with the programs, methodologies and on the basis of learning materials of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI, UK) with which the School has been closely cooperating for over 19 years, being established as the first LCCI examinations centre in our country. The LCCI English language qualifications enjoy the greatest recognition in the business world. The following factors have determined the choice of LCCI programs for teaching here:

  1. historic for more than a century-long experience of the LCCI in teaching and examining business language knowledge and skills both in Britain and overseas;
  2. professionalism and practical character of programs worked out and tested by a considerable number of linguists, business experts and entrepreneurs throughout the world;
  3. up-to date methodology of teaching combined with advanced organizational and information technologies;
  4. the conformity of the programs to all-European standards which is especially important in the situation of Russia's joining the Bologna Convention on the unified European educational system;
  5. the world recognition of the LCCI brand by the business community and state bodies of 125 countries, - the fact opening the way to prestigious work placement, called in the business circles "passport to employment";
  6. the opportunity of continuing studies and entering higher educational institutions in the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada for those who have successfully passed LCCI high level examinations in English.

The HCMS offers the following English language programs:

HCMS Foreign Languages Department

HCMS Foreign Languages Department

For whom are these programs designed?
They are designed for:

  • the students of all business programs and forms of instruction at the HCMS;
  • specialists engaged in different spheres of national economy;
  • students of high and higher general and vocational educational institutions;
  • pupils of senior classes from schools, gymnasia, institutions;
  • English language teachers wishing to upgrade their qualifications in the field of "Business English";
  • Foreign citizens working in Russia.

Where else can these programs be learned and taught?
There are HCMS sub-centers for teaching English in Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Yaroslavl.

For the last few years hundreds of people, possessing LCCI certificates have taken up high posts in Russian and foreign companies and representations such as Siemens, Kodak, Lukoil, Microsoft, Wimm-Bill-Dan, Intourist and many others.

To be familiarized with the offered programs see our site further.

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