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Frequently asked questions on the training at the HCMS are given below.
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  When do classes in new MBA groups begin? When are admission documents to be submitted?
- New evening groups and external-internal groups begin studies in October and in March. The exact dates are indicated on our main web-site page. Modular-form and comby-form groups for MBA and MA studies start classes all year round during academic semesters.

  What benefits on teaching costs are granted?
- Corporate discounts, payment by installments, discounted tariffs for those who combine business programs with the English language, payment on credit terms via "The Russian Bank for Development" (Telecheck system).

It is possible to interrupt learning?
- Yes. HCMS can give an academic leave, certified by the Rector's Order.

Is it possible to make a transfer from an MA program to an MBA program upon entering?
- Yes, it is possible. In this case the cost of instruction will be decreased proportionally to the number of learning hours already taken.

Is it possible to accept credits received in another educational institution when making a transfer or when the professional education has been received earlier?
- Yes. It is possible to accept credits (to make exemptions) with the decrease of the cost of instruction. For specialists with higher economic or managerial education and for the alumni of the Presidential Program the period and the cost of instruction can be reduced taking into consideration the acceptance of credits received before. The acceptance of credits is also allowed during the transfer of students from other MBA schools (programs).

How many students are there in groups studying the MBA program?
- A group consists of 15-20 persons.

  How many students are there in groups studying English?
- Not more than 6 persons.

  Can the cost of instruction be changed during the period of instruction?
- No. It is valid for the whole period under the Contract for training terms.

  Is the cost of instruction taxed by VAT?
- No, it is not.

  Is it possible to make a transfer from one form of instruction to another one? (e.g.: from morning-time form to internal-external)
- It is possible without changing the cost of instruction.

  Is there a necessity to buy text-books and learning aids for MBA studies?
- No, there is not. The HCMS information fund meets the requirements in learning materials to a sufficient extent. The E-Library is also accessible.

  I am entering an MBA program and I would like to learn English. Won't the classes coincide in the curriculum?
- The time-table provides for both: business subjects and a foreign language.

  How do you assist your alumni in job placement?
- These problems can be settled individually for each student with the help of the Career Development Centre.

  Is there an equipped car park?
- Yes, there is.

  Does the HCMS support links with its alumni?
- The HCMS Alumni Club, accounting for over 200 people, has worked since 1998.

  Where are IEMI and LCCI diplomas and certificates recognized?
- IEMI Diploma (Institut Européen de Management International, Paris) is recognized in the Countries of the European Union and the USA, while LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, UK) Diplomas and Certificates are recognized in more than 100 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the USA.

  What is the European Council for Business Education (ECBE), whose accreditation you refer to?
- ECBE - is an accrediting non-commercial international organization. Its main objective is to increase the quality of business education in the world. This accreditation guarantees training conforming to the "Principles of the European MBA Standard"..

  Is it possible to learn separate MBA disciplines?
- Yes, it is possible. The former credits can be accepted if you wish to continue learning.

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