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DBA "Doctor of Business Administration"

The Higher Commercial Management School offers the programme of upgrading the scientific qualification of top-managers and business owners for a Doctor's Degree in Business Administration, which has been worked out jointly with the European Institute of International Management (IEMI, Paris-Brussels).

DBA is the highest elite professional degree in international business education allowing students to get knowledge for creating competitive advantages on the basis of new business models and ideas. The activities of contemporary top-managers fully conform to the research and analytical activities at an intellectual load level.

The objectives of instruction:

  1. Systematizing and acquiring profound knowledge in the field of up-to-date development trends in business administration in the world and Russian practice.
  2. Generalizing the experience gained and presenting it in the format of a scientific research.
  3. Studying modern technologies in solving practical tasks of business strategic development.
  4. Preparing a research project in actual problems of company management development.
  5. Assisting top-managers with the business career development.

The Duration of instruction is 1 year according to an individual plan and schedule of classes without discontinuing current practical activities.

DBA Programme Structure:

Preparatory Module
Choosing the topic of a scientific dissertation paper and elaborating an individual working plan.

Module 1. Global changes in modern management. World experience and the Russian practice.

Module 2. Contemporary conceptions and mechanisms of forming strategic orientation and thinking systems.

Module 3. Methods of assessing strategic attractiveness of markets and the competitive potential of companies.

Module 4. Company assessment and guaranteed warranty calculating a company life cycle and making strategic decisions for providing the stable development of company business.

Module 5. The latest approaches and methods of structuring and restructuring business.

Module 6. Technologies, strategies and tactics of management of change. Methods of self-diagnostics.

Module 7. The solution of actual problems of legal regulation of entrepreneurial activities. The defense of property and other proprietary rights in Russia.

Module 8. Commercialization of new knowledge, innovations and technologies. Professional lobbyism of business interests.

Module 9. Contemporary methods of investment analysis.

Module 10. Writing and defending the dissertation paper for a Doctor's Degree in Business Administration.

Programme Scientific Supervisors.

  • Vladimir Burenin, Dr/Sc, professor, Vice-president of the European University for Corporate Management (ECMU, Brussels), member of the Board of Directors of European Council for the Business Education.
  • Allain Hermelin, President of the European Institute of International Management (IEMI).

The programme is designed for top level managers, owners of companies and enterprises wishing to get an international doctoral status in business administration and it is oriented at individual needs of students (the formation of student's individual learning plans taking into consideration the requirements of an individual student, his/her abilities, professional interests and extraordinary shortage of learning time of programme participants).

All the persons having Candidate of Science or Master Programme Decrees as well as the persons who have achieved good progress in business can be admitted to the DBA programme.

The cost of instruction is - 972 000 roubles.

Educational Documents:
Upon the graduation the following documents are issued:

  • Russian Foreign Trade Academy Diploma for a Doctorship degree in Business Administration
  • The European Institute of International Management Diploma (IEMI, Paris-Brussels).

Program Manager is Tatyana Nikolaeva
tel.: +7 (495) 458-5750, (495) 457-3288 fax: +7(495) 735-4054

DBA Program is for those who do not wish to stop at what has been accomplished and who are prepared to continue their professional and personal growth.


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