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State educational Institution
for Further Professional Training
Higher Commercial Management School
at the All-Russia Academy of Foreign Trade of RF
of the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade of RF


Approved by Order No.25
of 5th September 2005.

I. General Provisions

  1. The admission to the Higher Commercial Management School of the Ministry for Economic Development and Trade of RF (further referred to as HCMS) is carried on in conformity with the Federal Law "On education" of 13.01.96 № 12-FZ, the RF Government Decree "On the approval of the Model Agreement on an educational institution for further (additional) professional training (upgrading the qualifications of specialists)" of 26th June 1995 No 610 (with amendments and alterations of 10th March 2000, 23rd December 2002, 31st March 2003), paragraph 8, the Regulations on the order and conditions of professional retraining of specialists, approved by the Order of the RF Ministry of Education of 6th September 2000, № 2571, the State Requirements for the Minimum content and level of preparedness raised to specialists awarded with the additional "Master of Business Administration" (MBA) qualification, approved by the Order of the RF Ministry of Education of 25th August 2003 № 3381, as well as by the HCMS Statute and these Admission Rules.
  2. Citizens o the Russian Federation, foreign citizens, and people without civic rights can be admitted.
  3. People having higher professional education (of any specialty), certified by the state standards document and the work experience upon graduation not less than two years (for those who study without discontinuing work) are admitted to study educational programs of further training (MBA, EMBA).
  4. People having state standard diplomas on higher professional education of different levels or a standard academic certificate on undergraduate higher professional education are admitted to study programs of upgrading qualifications (from 72 to 500 learning hours) and those of professional retraining (over 500 learning hours).
  5. The number of entrants is determined by the conditions of profitability, HCMS material facilities and sufficient availability of highly qualified professorial and teaching staff.
  6. HCMS provides education for charge.
  7. Catering, accommodation and transport expenses are not included in the cost of instruction.

II. Order (Rules) of acceptance of applications and documents for studying MBA, EMBA and MA programs.

  1. Admission is carried on a competitive basis considering the results of interviewing and entrance tests.
  2. Entrance tests are conducted by the Admission Commission the composition of which is approved by the HCMS Rector's Order.
    Testing is made with the view of determining the level of the entrant's preparedness and abilities to master the corresponding professional educational programs as well as picking out the most capable and well-prepared candidates (if there is a competition).
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  4. The documents to be submitted by entrants to the Admission Commission are the following:
    • application for admission addressed to the Rector;
    • original state standard educational document (higher, undergraduate);
    • personal identification document;
    • 4 photographs (3x4 in size).

    • Some documents which are considered by the entrants to be of importance also be enclosed with the application.
  5. The Admission Commission makes each entrant familiar with the following documents:
    • License for carrying educational activity (teaching school programs);
    • Certificate of State Accreditation;
    • HCMS Statute;
    • HCMS Admission Rules;
    • List of educational programs.
    If an entrant has been admitted this fact is confirmed by signing a bilateral contract for instruction.
  6. The enrolment of students is made by the Rector's Order upon interviewing, testing, students' submitting documents and effecting prepayment in accordance with Contracts.
  7. Before issuing the order of enrolment entrants' documents and money paid as per Contract can be returned personally to the holder or any other physical person processing the holder's power of attorney witnessed by a notary and made by on the basis of the holder's written application, upon the submittance of the document certifying the personal identity and the fact of payment.

III. Admission Rules for Foreign Citizens and Persons without civic rights.

  1. Foreign citizens (including those of former USSR Republics) can be admitted in accordance with bilateral contracts on the terms stipulated by the HCMS Admission Rules.
  2. Foreign citizens, wishing to study MBA, EMBA and MA programs, are to submit a document, certifying their education, with the translation into Russian.
  3. The educational documents of foreign citizens submitted when entering, are to be duly confirmed by the RF Ministry of Education. These documents are to be equivalent to the Russian educational documents.
  4. Foreign citizens with whom Russia has a visa regime of crossing State borders and citizens without civic rights, living on foreign territories can be admitted if they have visas for the whole period of stay and instruction at the HCMS.
  5. The problems, connected with the stay and accommodation in Russia, including visa problems for the whole period of instruction at the HCMS are to be settled by entrants without assistance and at their expense.
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